The Ultimate Alloy Guide

We are brokers specializing in non-ferrous scrap metal, mainly aluminum and understand the needs we all have in this industry.  Knowledge is power!  We must know and understand our industry completely so that we can maximize our impact and resources.  In order to get more value out of your scrap, you must understand the alloys in it that scrap.

Metal alloys come in all forms of chemistry and are used for a variety of reasons.  Building materials, medical equipment, and food equipment are just some of the many ways alloys within metals are used.  If you can understand what is inside each metal, then you will know how to properly value your scrap and get the most out of it. 

We at Kripke Enterprises, Inc. created The Ultimate Alloy Guide so that all scrappers and scrap brokers can better understand the alloys within the metals they commonly handle.  This tool is designed to make you more money so please fill out the form below and download The Ultimate Alloy Guide now!

This Guide Will:

  • Make You More Money!
  • Help You Better Understand Alloys!
  • Increase Your Opportunities By Increasing Your Knowledge!
  • Make You More Money!